Ask an online pharmacy if in doubt about Propecia side effects

Online pharmacy doctors who are qualified to prescribe Propecia hair loss treatment to male patients are happy to discuss potential side effects before courses commence. Patients can also rely on the continued care of doctors if side effects are actually experienced as a direct result of Propecia usage. Therefore, it is important that patients are not only aware of and understand the side effects that Propecia can cause, but that they report any suspected symptoms to doctors at the earliest opportunity.

Overall, side effects are rare in male patients who buy Propecia. Those who have experienced decreased sexual desire, problems with achieving erections, and a lessening in the quantity of semen produced account for less then 2% of patients. Of this very small percentage, the side effects experienced proved only temporary, disappearing in patients who stopped taking their hair growth tablets and those who continued alike.

It is useful to know that Propecia’s active ingredient, finasteride, is also used in dosages of five times the strength for the treatment of enlarged prostates in older men. When taking these increased dosages, some people experienced further side effects. Besides ejaculation problems, some also suffered with swelling and tenderness of the breasts, rashes and swollen lips.

Furthermore, the finasteride in Propecia can interfere with prostate cancer screenings. These screening are referred to in the medical profession as prostate specific antigens or PSAs. It is crucial that male patients taking Propecia for male pattern baldness inform medics immediately if such testing is required.

At Nationwide Pharmacies, we employ the services of UK registered doctors only. They do not prescribe Propecia to patients until online consultations have been taken. They are happy to answer patient questions about potential side effects and other implications of Propecia use, and remain committed to patients throughout the duration of their courses.

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