Ensure Your Staff are Seen

When your staff have to deal with serious incidents, it is important that they themselves don’t end up in any more danger than they need to be. After all, a Paramedic will be no use to anyone if they themselves are hurt.

Therefore, whilst having the very best first aid supplies is going to be integral, it is also important to make sure that every member of staff has adequate high visibility clothing too.

Whilst it may seem as though just a simple vest or armband will be enough, at the scene of accidents – or anywhere outside for that matter – it is very easy for those dealing with the aftermath of an accident to be obscured by vehicles, debris and the like. As such, a simple vest may not be adequate and instead, for certain employees, it may well be worth looking at items such as high visibility trousers too. On top of this, it is important that your staff can be protected, no matter what the weather and therefore you may want to consider having a supply of hi vis clothing available for all eventualities, from fleeces to waterproof jackets.

The extra cost of getting the right high vis items will actually be fairly minimal, but the extra benefits are likely to be priceless, from ensuring that your staff feel safe enough to carry out the tasks they need to, through to ensuring that they are comfortable enough to carry out what they are doing without distractions.

The right hi visibility vests and trousers will be very durable and comfortable meaning that they will be the perfect aid in helping your staff, whilst needing to be replaced very rarely. As such, a small extra investment may not only benefit them in doing their jobs but also mean that you have to buy replacement uniforms far less frequently.