European IT outsourcing budgets to rise

These days, it is virtually impossible for many companies to operate without having fully functional and effective computer systems in place, so it is little wonder that many bosses are making use of IT support services in London. Indeed, according to new research, some firms plan to up their spending on IT outsourcing in London and elsewhere.

A report produced by Forrester Research found that IT outsourcing will show “meaningful” spending growth in Europe this year.

The study suggested that budgets for this activity and for hardware maintenance with rise 3.3 per cent in 2012. Meanwhile, the amount enterprises spend on IT consulting and integration services will go up by around 2.8 per cent.

However, despite the rises in spending on IT outsourcing in London and so on, the amount of money allocated to communications equipment is set to fall 1.7 per cent, Forrester suggested.

Lead report author Andrew Bartels commented: “[Chief information officers] need to match IT spending plans with this bleak outlook for 2012 while preparing contingency plans for a euro collapse and hoping for somewhat better prospects in 2013.”

The research also pointed to large differences in technology adoption rates among European countries, with nations like Denmark and Sweden being very advanced, while places like Greece, Italy and other southern European countries are far less so.

Meanwhile, the study suggested that IT spending growth across the region as a whole this year will amount to 0.3 per cent.

With limited budgets to work with, many organisations are being particularly careful concerning where they source their IT support services in London and elsewhere. Bosses are eager to benefit from optimum value for money.

Indeed, companies that fail to achieve this may find themselves experiencing considerable difficulties over the coming months, with trading conditions showing no immediate sign of picking up.

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