How to get a free iPad or iPhone online in the UK

You may have read articles online recently about getting free ipads and having them delivered direct to your door after you sign up. Many people have suggested that it is some type of scam but after doing some research I have discovered that it is a simple system and does work.

It makes a lot of sense actually. The offer is designed so that you sign up to the advertising website and complete an advertised offer. Then you refer your friends and family to complete an offer which will then give you a credit or ‘referral’. A lot of the offers you can complete are free and provide services that many of us enjoy and use everyday which is great because it is useful. Many of these offers include buying movie subscription services where you can watch unlimited new movies online. Other offers include gambling websites with a free bet with no deposit. You can even set up a website with one of the offers for a free trial which is a great offer if you need to get your business online. Whichever offer you choose, once you complete it you can then get your referrals for your gift.

Once you get a certain amount of the referrals then you can use them to ‘purchase’ your gift which is of course, the iPad. Companies are willing to try and urge customers to them by offering the iPad as it is so desirable. It is actually more effective than other advertising methods because it adds incentives. The consumer gets a brand new gadget of their choice and the advertising company gets paid by the company who have the offer they want people to know about. It’s a win-win situation as the iPad is paid for by the company who want more customers, the advertiser gets money from that company which pays them and for the iPad.

It will first seem like it is a scam but when you know the structure it is quite clearly an intelligent form of marketing. If you still think it is a scam then you are missing out on an opportunity to grab yourself some seriously expensive gifts for free like the iPad 2. There are of course some scams on the internet offering free stuff but it should be obvious as they ask for too many details beforehand. The referrals schemes are user friendly and are from household names so you will feel safe and secure when trying out the offers. The idea of using friends and family for referrals is good as well because it engages people around you and spreads the word.

So now you know how it works, the company which offers the trial gets paid commission for every person that signs up regardless of whether they continue use of the product or not. The company with the offer are just keen to get brand awareness and draw new customers in. Many times people will continue their offers but often they do not. It doesn’t matter, you can still refer friends and get your free iPad without spending a penny.


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