Hosting Garden Parties

It is not an uncommon phenomenon. Britain sees a bit of sunshine and the nation rushes out to buy all manner of barbecue accoutrements to get home just in time for it to rain. With the unpredictable weather we face even in the summer, it is almost impossible to organise a simple family barbecue, never mind attempt to host a garden party.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. The majority of barbecue foods can be kept frozen, so it is a better idea to buy such food on a rainy day and simply keep it stored until the sun comes out.

If you are planning on hosting a garden party though, it is best to take a few more precautions. A garden party can be a great deal of fun and can be a much more enjoyable way to have people over.

The first step is to ensure you have the right outdoor furniture. The best outdoor furniture will be able to be used all year round and will be comfortable and attractive in equal measures. One of the best choices all round will therefore be wooden garden furniture.

You should also consider the number of guests you may be expecting, and estimate the size your table should be to accommodate everyone. Would you prefer an informal setting with a round table that allows everyone to engage in conversation, or a more formal setting with a ‘head of the table’?

On top of wooden garden furniture, consider adding a permanent barbecue to your garden and even an outdoor bar, with specialist bar furniture to complete the set. Such extras can make a big difference to the look and the feel of any garden party.

If you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool, consider buying a poolside lounger so your party can move from the dining area to the pool, or a different part of the garden.

Finally, prepare for that weather. Not only should you ensure your house can cope with the party should you have to head inside, but simple additions such as outdoor heaters or awnings could be all it takes to mean that passing showers don’t have to leave your guests heading in and out all the time.

We might not have the best weather for organised garden parties in the UK, but with a bit of thought that shouldn’t have to make any difference at all.

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