Keeping Pets in Tough Times

Pets can be expensive to keep even at the best of times. However, with the cost of living increasing dramatically, it is becoming increasingly hard for many people to look after their animals in the proper way. Not only are there vet’s bills to take into account, but there is also food and any supplements that your pets might need, as well as any extra money that might be needed for kennelling and treats to boot.

As such, animal cruelty is on the rise. It is worth remembering that animal cruelty is not just about mistreating your dog. Yes, harming your dog or seriously neglecting them is indeed very much a case of cruelty, but even not feeding them as much as you should or ensuring that you get veterinary help when they need it can be classed as animal cruelty.

It is therefore worth making sure you look at two things when you own pets – firstly, that you get animal insurance to make sure you can be covered no matter how tight things might get in the future financially, and that you keep a selection of good quality dog food in your home to ensure you have a reserve in case you face financial hardships in the future.

It is also worth remembering that what you feed them is as important in hard times as it is in good, and sourcing nutritionally balanced dog food will be important, no matter how hard up you are becoming. Should you find that you have to turn to very cheap and nutritionally lacking food, you may well do your pet more harm than good and it is always worth looking to see which animal charities may be able to help you care for your pup in the way they deserve to be cared for should money become tight.

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