Looking after Your Kitten

When you get a new kitten, there are many steps you need to take to ensure they stay as healthy and as happy as possible. When you first bring kittens home, there is a good chance that they will be extremely nervous and hesitant about their new surroundings. Therefore you will need to have prepared your home in advance to make it as welcoming as possible. Try to avoid loud noises and too much excitement in the first few days and ensure that they have plenty of comfy places to relax. And, of course, show them plenty of love.

As they settle, looking after them will involve more than just making sure they are comfortable. Keeping them inside for the first few months is extremely important and therefore you will need to make sure they have plenty to do. Whilst the new surroundings will be fascinating for them, you need to ensure that they have plenty of toys at their disposal and that you have time to play with them so that they get the stimulation and indeed the exercise that they need.

However, whilst a house full of excitement is extremely good, your home also needs to be safe. Your pet will love to climb and explore so ensure that all high surfaces are stable and that they are not likely to cause an avalanche any time they are playing.

Looking after their health will also be extremely important, even from the very start. Not only will you need to ensure that they are wormed and have the right flee drops regularly, but you will also need to ensure that they have all their injections and even have the right food.

It is simple to assume that any old kitten food will do and that focussed nutrition will only be important as they get older. However, cheap cat food can cause many problems for your pet in later life and it is therefore a good idea to start them off on the best possible food as early as possible, making sure that you have a very nutritionally balanced option and not one that is simply bulked up with additives.

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