CIOs struggling to make their voices heard

IT plays an integral role in modern business. Without the right network storage, workstations and so on, firms can struggle to achieve their goals. However, a study has found that chief information officers (CIOs) feel they are not getting the funding and support they need from their bosses.

A study conducted by the Chartered Institute for IT, the British Computer Society (BCS) found that less than a third (29 per cent) of CIOs polled felt they had been provided with sufficient resources to achieve their top priorities.

The research paper, which was entitled ‘What should CEOs know from their CIOs?’, set out to discover what exactly CIOs are being asked to do by company bosses and to compare this with what CIOs believe they should be doing.

One CIO remarked: “Whilst operational savings could be made, it is impossible to find the time to allocate to this due to resource limitations. In addition, the CIO function is built into my role without the title. Effectively the organisation has over-optimistic delivery expectations given the available resource.”

Responding to the findings, BCS chief David Clarke said CIOs are not being given the help they need to meet the challenges that have been set for them, Computing reports.

He added: “CIOs are being tasked with high level, priority tasks that can shape a whole organisation. They need the right tools to achieve this.”

These days, there are many superb resources for firms to take advantage of, including top-quality network storage, workstations and so on.

Meanwhile, personnel management is also an important issue. Mr Clarke went on to note that 50 per cent of CIOs thought they should be working on improving the talents and skills and their workforces. According to the expert, it is time for CIOs to take their “deserved seat” in boardrooms around the globe.

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