Social Media Optimisation – Sceptics Underestimate It

There are always some individuals who are sceptical about the value of search engine optimisation. This scepticism can be based on several things. Firstly, there is understandable trepidation about unethical consultancies. Secondly, there can be a feeling that social media marketing is much more effective. Thirdly, there is sometimes the idea that search engine optimisation has become obsolete due to changes implemented by search engines. Those who are serious about website marketing have to address these concerns rather than simply avoiding or ignoring them.

At Click Consult, we take business worries about internet marketing seriously. We do not think they are irrational and nor do we think they should be brushed off with sales patter. However, we know that comprehensive website marketing does work. Hence we address business fears in a reasonable and thorough manner.

Search Engine Optimisation is only part of an online marketing campaign. Nonetheless, it remains essential. Campaigns are site-specific but a campaign without optimisation will flounder. Those who point out that some black hat consultancies can damage a site are correct but if suitable precautions are taken, an ethical organisation can be found. Careful reading of site content can help a site owner differentiate between ethical and unethical enterprises. If something sounds too good to be true, a site owner should look elsewhere.

Social media are becoming more important over time. More and more people are using them. The mobile revolution is partly behind the rise of social media use, with a proliferation of networks and spurring innovation in the sector. The bulk of campaigns cannot afford to ignore Facebook, Twitter and Google+. However, for all the influence and power, social networking cannot be efficient in the absence of onsite work. To put it simply, the targeted traffic gathered from these networks will be wasted by sites which are not geared to make the most of it.

There has often been a tendency to perceive search engine optimisation as outmoded. Some probably thought that the prohibition of link purchasing would pull it back. Relatively recently, a Google employee confused search engine optimisation with spam. He was soon obliged to apologise. There may be a complicated relationship between search engines and consultancies, but the search engines are not adverse to optimisation which respects the rules. As the rules alter, consultants adapt their strategies.

Optimisation has to be more subtle than it used to be. With regards to research, more care needs to be taken than was needed in the past. However, doing so without optimisation is a very poor option to take. An online business usually has a large sector of competitors, meaning that firms not embracing optimisation will lose business to rivals whose sites are worked on and maintained properly.

When it comes to devising and implementing a campaign, flexibility and diversity are achievable and desirable. It is foolish to think of a plan as something which will not change. Optimisation is a continuous process and things will inevitably be transformed. Nevertheless, it is hard to envisage a future in which search engine optimisation is ineffective.

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