Differences between Tradition and Modern Parcel Delivery Services

Traditional postal services remain at the heartbeat of distribution and correspondence between two parties within the United Kingdom as the Royal Mail has continued to progress since its foundation during the sixteenth Century. Postal companies are essentially the middle man between an individual sending a letter or parcel, whether it is singular or multiple quantities, to be delivered and received by a recipient at a specific location. While the Royal Mail holds a prominent presence in the world of postal delivery, members of the public and companies have the alternate modern option of acquiring the services of a bespoke cheap courier service that utilises contrasting measures and approaches to effective distribution of post.

Post offices are the cornerstone of parcel delivery service across the United Kingdom, particularly within remote, rural local villages where such buildings are considered the prime, and only, source of being able to send letters or parcels. To this day, the Royal Mail continue to utilise a tried and trusted method of charging for all forms of post via stamps that denote the urgency of deliverance; first class stamps are used for next day delivery, while second class means the day after. Although the price of sending a singular or multiple parcels is variable upon its overall weight, the overall logistics and complex nature of postal management can mean that the price paid for a parcel delivery service does not always guarantee that the parcel, or parcels, will arrive at the perceived date. This can be detrimental to any company who distribute purchased items to their clients and customers as inadequate customer service can result in the loss of conversion rates and overall custom.

In an attempt to avoid such issues for both individuals and companies, both parties have the option of booking a modern cheap courier service that not only guarantee next day delivery, but also offers parcel distribution, irrespective of weight, at affordable prices to meet all budgets. To save long, time consuming trips to and from a post office where there may be long queues, many modern parcel delivery companies operate online upon a website whereby individuals can receive a quote for any respective order. A collection time that is of convenience to an individual or company can be denoted upon any individual booking; this is significantly more beneficial as it eradicates any trip to the post office or waste time waiting for a parcel delivery service to arrive. Numerous companies also offer additional postal tracking to ensure parcels can be monitored from its collection point to its intended destination to ensure all recipients remain happy and satisfied with the service used.

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