Why Electronic Cards are Better than Traditional Cards

The art of giving and receiving gifts, either for a special occasion, annual holiday or as a spontaneous gesture, continues to be a popular occurrence across the world as friends, families and work colleagues show their appreciation, gratitude or message of seasonal goodwill and celebration via presents and cards. Postal services are at their busiest during periods leading up to an annual event such as Christmas as the influx of parcels and envelopes is overwhelming as companies and individuals send their message of goodwill to a singular or multiple numbers of intended recipients. Although traditional handheld cards continue to be a popular product when it comes to birthdays and Christmas, the technological advancements within computers have led to the integration of online-based companies on the Internet who offer electronic business holiday cards as an alternative.

The obvious difference from the offset is the actual product itself; traditional cards are handheld products made from card or paper, whereas electronic cards are designed, created and sent electronically via a computer. While its contrast is apparent, corporate Christmas e cards offer more advantages to any business than traditional cards that not only benefit a company’s reputation, but also the environment. Handheld cards are made in bulk as a result of a deforestation process that eliminates a multitude of forests and trees across the world, despite paper being a recyclable material. As certain cards may be simply discarded without being recycled, it not only comes at a cost to a company who could value such actions as wasteful expense, but also the environment as dangerous chemicals are emitted during the deforestation process. With electronic business cards, companies receive the same powerful effect upon its recipients whilst acting in an environmentally friendly manner, which reflects well on them as a business and may lead to an increase in business clients as many individuals appreciate the effort taken to reduce carbon footprint emissions.

While traditional cards are already pre-designed with a concealed message inside, corporate Christmas e cards provide flexibility through a design template that allows companies to essentially create their own dynamic design and text-based message. Due to the significantly enhanced speeds of modern Internet connections, companies can also distribute their holiday cards immediately via email which avoids the long process of writing personal message in each handheld card and making trips to the post office in a long-winded effort to strengthen relationships with business clients and customers.

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