An office in the garden is a great way to work

The way people live and work is changing all the time. Many more people are now working remotely. This flexible style of employment means some people are now full time home workers. This is great in many ways, but problematic in others.

In most cases homes haven’t been designed as workplaces. They are compromised as working environments. They are full of distractions too. To really work effectively at home people need a fully separate area, away from the rest of the family with the right equipment and furniture. It’s still nice to make a clear distinction between home and work without the lines blurring too much.

Some people might consider an extension or a garage conversion to create the office space they need to work from home. However, there’s a much simpler and more eco friendly solution. Garden buildings are growing in popularity all the time as people realise they can do more with their outdoor space. Garden offices offer that vital bit of distance and separation. Having a quiet space away from the main home is the perfect solution for many home workers.

Garden offices are helping people to work more effectively away from the office, but there are plenty of other things people can do with the space at the back of their home. The potential with garden buildings is huge. How about a nice studio for hobbies and crafts for example?

The extra space can be utilised in so many different ways. It all adds to the appeal of the property and the value too. Modern living requires modern solutions to create additional space. Ecospace Studios have a range of solutions that can help customers install buildings in their garden to get the most out of that outdoor space. It’s the smart and affordable way to create extra room.

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