Protecting Your Furniture

The best oak or pine furniture isn’t going to be cheap. As such, many people choose to pay less for items simply because they feel that it is far too easy for expensive and attractive additions to become damaged, whether from over-enthusiastic children, impish pets or even simply through accidents in the home.

However, the better quality the furniture you buy is, the more likely it is to be durable and withstand knocks and scrapes. And there are also plenty of ways to protect any furniture you buy, allowing it to last even longer.

The first thing to do is to train your pets to avoid such items. This may involve covering certain portions of the furniture when you first buy it, but there are plenty of ways to make even cats become obedient and leave your furniture well alone. For example, tin foil around the items can ensure that cats give the furniture a wide berth, an impulse which will stay with them even after the foil is gone.

Even bedroom furniture is likely to need protection, even if children and pets stay well away. Special furniture oil will stop your finest pine furniture from drying out and will also ensure that any repairs are easier to perform if there should be any damage.

Wooden dining room and bedroom furniture will also be at the mercy of the elements. As such, try to avoid placing such items near water, excessive heat (i.e. radiators) and in the path of direct sunlight. You may also wish to place pads underneath any legs to ensure they are easier to relocate and don’t get damaged any time you need to move them out of place.

With the right forethought, even the most chaotic household can keep its furniture looking great for an extremely long time, and the better the furniture you buy, the easier that will be.

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