Companies can’t afford to lose customers at point of purchase

The way people shop has changed radically in recent times. Whereas before people might have taken a list with them and stuck to it religiously, the modern shopper makes far more decisions on the move and in store. The battle for shoppers hearts and minds starts at home and carries on all the way to the cash register.

All of this makes retail display more important ever before. In store marketing has always been a feature of retail, but it is becoming ever more sophisticated and competitive. Investing in this area is more critical than ever.

Companies who are struggling to get to grips with this change in shopping habits can consider drafting in some expert help. Manufacturers need a joined up approach. They can’t spend money on advertisement only to lose customers at the point of purchase.

An external agency can help correct and rectify this situation. If retail display is tired and ineffective then it’s time for a revamp. A company like Green Room Retail can breathe new life into tired in store marketing campaigns. They can help to create fresh new messages and designs that catch the attention of shoppers making decisions in store.

Point of purchase displays can help shoppers make the minds up and switch to new brands that they have never tried before. It’s the final piece of the jigsaw. With a coordinated approach companies can target and persuade via traditional channels and extend this reach further and into store to an extend they have never achieved before.

Green Room Retail understand this area of marketing. They are experts in this field and bring all of their experience to bear in creating eye catching and innovative in store displays and campaigns. The results can be astonishing. Perhaps it’s time to fill in the missing section of the marketing strategy.

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