Why Choose Engineered Wood Flooring?

There are many types of wood flooring to choose from and each individual type will bring with it its own unique set of benefits.

Whilst hardwood oak flooring is still probably the most popular choice, engineered wood flooring is very quickly catching it up in terms of popularity. There are many reasons for this, ranging from the lower cost right through to the increased strength that such a solution will offer. However, whilst the most obvious benefit will be the fact that you will pay less to get something that looks equally as attractive as ordinary solid wood floors, there are actually more subtle advantages of opting for engineered flooring.

Whilst the final result will indeed look as attractive as even the finest hardwood oak flooring, the top and bottom layers will indeed be oak, but the middle layer will be constructed using plywood. Since plywood can adapt to temperature changes and cope with moisture in a far more successful way than oak can, this means that your floors are likely to stay looking great in any environment and be far more durable in the process.

In other words, engineered wood flooring is going to be cheaper, look as great and, at the same time, it will need far less maintenance to stay looking great. On top of this, you are also likely to find flooring that is easier to fit by choosing this option. Solid wood floors will almost always need professional installation, whereas engineered wood floors can often be fitted without help, reducing costs even more.

Finally, for anyone looking to get under floor heating, engineered wood floors will be perfect. Since the temperatures under the floor will be quite extreme, changing regularly, by using engineered wood you are not liable to see your floor warp, dry out or change size as you might with a solid wood option.

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