Inspiring Your Staff

Inspiring your staff to achieve for you is a very intricate process. The best managers will know how to get people to want to achieve and will focus far more on positives than on negatives. The moment people stop feeling valued and instead start to feel as though they are just another cog in a machine designed to generate as much income as possible will be the moment they stop trying.

Therefore, the important thing to do is to reward progress rather than shame those who are not achieving. Of course, there is a delicate balancing act here and letting your staff think they can get away with anything is also not liable to be a wise move. So how do you increase employee motivation, without risking staff becoming complacent?

Offering your staff incentives is one of the best ways. Whether you set overall targets and offer rewards to the entire workforce or whether you look to put schemes in place to reward each staff member individually based on their performance, by allowing them to see that their hard work is genuinely valued, you are far more likely to see results.

However, it is important that your goals are achievable. By offering incentives only to those who achieve completely unattainable sales levels, you will effectively be undervaluing the job that they do and see them not even try to meet such unreasonable demands.

It may also be hard to understand exactly what rewards you should offer to increase employee motivation and decide how much you can afford to give away to your staff for meeting targets without it becoming a false economy. As such, there are companies out there who will be able to structure reward schemes for you to ensure that you can monitor the success of any reward programme and to ensure that the rewards you offer are justifiable compared to the money each staff member has generated for you.

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