Boy awarded car accident compensation

A youngster has been awarded car accident compensation in relation to an accident that occurred in 1998. Sam Boreham and his twin brother were being taken from their home in Middlesex to a Manchester United football game when the car they were in hit a stationary vehicle on the M1 near Lutterworth, the Leicester Mercury reports.

Sam, who was eight at the time of the crash, suffered serious injuries as a result of the impact. He was left with permanent brain damage.

Following the incident, his mother Jane sued the driver of the car her children were in. In a new development, an agreement was reached concerning how much money the family should receive in relation to the claim. Insurers settled the case, saying they would pay Sam a lump sum of £1.1 million.

The youngster will also receive periodic payments of £23,000 to cover the costs of his care for life.

In total, the compensation deal that was agreed at the High Court in London was worth £2.5 million. Sam’s legal representative said the case was unusual because it was possible to use the victim’s brother as a benchmark to help work out the effect the brain injury had had.

He added that the delay in reaching a settlement was explained by the need for Sam to reach adulthood before the extent of his disabilities could be known.

Most compensation claims of this kind are settled within a shorter space of time.

While taking legal action in a bid to secure a payout cannot undo the harm caused by accidents of this kind, it can help victims to feel a sense of justice and it can bring much needed money to help fund any care and treatment required, as well as covering the future loss of earnings and so on.

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