Man wins accident at work claim

When people suffer an injury at work, they often take legal action as a result. One man who did precisely this was Christopher Holmes. The 34-year-old father-of-three from Peterborough was left with severe injuries after he was hit by an eight-foot section of plyboard.

The wood was blown nearly 60 feet before it struck him, causing a major spinal injury that resulted in partial paralysis. The accident occurred in November 2007 while the former joiner was working on the roof of Longsands College in St Neots.

Because of the accident, Mr Holmes can no longer use his fingers and legs and he needs round the clock care.

Commenting on the incident, he said: “The weather was absolutely awful and the rain and wind really picked up. I was asked to stay on the roof with my colleagues to cover over the insulation which had been laid so it didn’t get wet.

“The stack of plyboard wasn’t secured to the roof and was still some distance away. I didn’t realise just how dangerous it would turn out to be.”

Since the accident, he has made numerous visits to Addenbrooke’s hospital for treatment. Describing how he felt when he was told he would not recover mobility in his fingers and legs, he said he was “devastated”. He added that he had always been very active and it took him a long time to come to terms with the news.

Meanwhile, his personal injury solicitors confirmed that a settlement had been agreed. They noted that the employer involved was in talks concerning how the money would be paid.

The experts added that the case was about more than money. The legal action was also a way of drawing attention to the consequences of safety failings and of ensuring that the relevant lessons were learned, the legal experts pointed out.

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