Woman makes personal injury claim over horse riding accident

When people suffer physical damage as a result of accidents, it is not uncommon for them to make a personal injury compensation claim and one woman to have done this is Sarah Douglas. According to a report on Deadline News, the 35-year-old broke her back during a horse riding lesson.

She alleges that the horse she was on bolted as she changed her helmet, throwing her from the saddle. As a result of the incident, which occurred in 2009, she sustained a fractured vertebrae and ribs and had to be taken to Ninewells Hospital in Dundee to be X-rayed and treated.

Ms Douglas, who comes from Leuchars in Fife, suggests that she required “extensive assistance” from her husband and missed university exams because of her injuries. She also states that she continues to suffer back pain.

She is seeking £20,000 in compensation from the Edenside Riding School, which she alleges was negligent for failing to make sure her helmet was fitted properly.

Personal injury solicitors acting on her behalf have lodged papers at the Court of Session in Edinburgh. They state: “She mounted her horse, which was called Annie. After riding for a few minutes [Ms Douglas] felt her hat digging into the back of her head.”

The papers add that due to the accident Ms Douglas continue to experience discomfort in her back, particularly in cold weather.

Meanwhile, lawyers for Edenside Riding School said the horse involved had been ridden by various members of the family, including younger children. They added that it is an animal of “quiet temperament”.

According to the legal representative, Ms Douglas had been told not to adjust her helmet while on the horse. They stated: “[Ms Douglas] had a duty to act in accordance with the instructions she was given. In particular [she] had a duty to keep hold of the reins while mounted on Annie.” The case remains ongoing.

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