How to say I do with the perfect engagement rings

Planning to get down on bended knee and pop the question can be a daunting task and people are often in need of a little help. For example, they might be stuck when it comes to choosing the perfect engagement rings to hand over. These gleaming items are a symbol of love and romance and, if all goes to plan, they are something that will be worn for many years to come. It is therefore crucial that people make the right choice.

An expert when it comes to all things proposal-related, including platinum engagement rings and so on, is Sarah Pease. Writing in the Huffington Post recently, she pointed out that the solitaire is the “classic engagement ring”.

Bands like this should be accompanied by “timeless” proposals, she suggested. With this in mind, she advised people to start with a proposal setting like a national heritage site or historic location. She remarked: “These places are typically protected by preservation statutes, they will still be there for you to visit years down the road, perhaps every year on your anniversary.”

Meanwhile, another type of ring that may be ideal is a three-stone creation. These engagement rings were a “breakout trend around 2002” and they are still hugely popular, Ms Pease suggested. Commenting on how die-hard romantics should pop the question with these items, she stated: “Use this as a cornerstone of your marriage proposal and incorporate pieces of how you became a couple, what your relationship means now, and what your hopes and dreams for the future hold.”

Another style of engagement band is based on the antique look, the expert noted. She suggested that these items come with a “certain air of mystery and intrigue”. According to the proposal specialist, ladies that like rings like this appreciate the history and romance of days gone by.

About this, she advised: “For her marriage proposal, transport her to a different time and place, like the lively, creative Paris of the 1920s as depicted in the movie ‘Midnight in Paris’. Evoke the excitement and boundless spirit of the Wild West like Jane Seymour in ‘Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman’. Channel Don Draper and Joan Harris and transform your evening into a ‘Mad Men’-esque 1960s soiree.”

Whatever people choose, they should make sure they do their research, the specialist claimed.

On the other hand, proposals to match contemporary rings should be modern in style. For example, hopeful grooms to be should “think twice” before asking their partners’ parents for permission, she stated.

Thankfully, there are plenty of products for people to choose from these days. By heading online, consumers can take their pick from a range of platinum engagement rings and many other products. They should not struggle to find the perfect items for their loved ones.

This makes planning the ideal proposals that little bit easier. Meanwhile, by making the most of advice issued by experts like Ms Pease, individuals should be able to ensure they blow their partners away when they finally pop the question.

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