Why black is the new black

Interior design fashions evolve and move with the times and, while vibrant colour is sometimes on trend, simpler colour schemes take hold during other periods. According to one designer, monochrome is now in.

Industry expert Sally Chamley told the Express & Star that black and white can be used to great effect. This tip might be of interest to consumers who are on the lookout for new chais lounge chairs and other items of contemporary furniture.

The specialist remarked: “Monochrome continues to stand the test of time for the simple fact that black and white is a simplistic pallet but can be combined with dashes of colour for a dramatic effect.”

She added: “You just have to plan extremely well to achieve the correct balance of black and white. I prefer a smart, tailored, modern look, allowing white or neutrals to dominate.”

Meanwhile, the design enthusiast went on to suggest that “capturing a 1920s look using monochrome can be a smart way to achieve affordable eye-catching opulence.”

Ms Chamley also pointed out that mirrored finishes were popular in the 1920s and these combine well with black, as do classic art deco shapes that are “all about interesting silhouettes”. She also advised consumers to “use symmetry to enhance a feeling of order and calm”.

Thankfully, it is now easier than ever for consumers to get their hands on superb contemporary furniture. Whatever they are looking for, whether they are keen to get their hands on new chais lounge chairs or anything else, they should not find the sourcing process difficult. Indeed, they may be able to find the ideal items for them within moments.

Also, by paying attention to design tips such as those offered by Ms Chamley, people can boost the chances that they will succeed in creating domestic environments that they enjoy and feel proud of.

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