Google never rests for long

None of the search engines permit consultancies to take it easy. They keep changing the way they work in their relentless battle for market share. Google may be the dominant search engine and still be streets ahead of Bing but, nevertheless, a mid-March edition of the Wall Street Journal revealed Google has big plans involving the way it will operate in the future. Only time will tell how substantive the changes are but link building services will have to respond to them promptly.

At, we implement link building via organic means. Our link building strategies are always under review. The sphere of search is fluid and we have to adapt to ‘the new’ swiftly. Our ability to do just this has significantly helped the sites of the diverse clients we manage.

When it comes to the potential changes, it seems Google is intending to upgrade the user experience. To be specific, it appears to be the case that Google will be doing a lot with semantic search. However, at least one commentator has pointed out that semantic search is not actually a fresh thing for Google. It does seem that Google is being deliberately vague about its future intentions.

It would be nice to have a detailed picture of what Google is about to change. Sadly, Google is not like that. Its executives do not want consultancies to be able to optimise sites to the ‘nth degree’. They want to look after the interests of users as much as possible. Consultancies should be grateful that they know big changes are in the pipeline. Adjustments to existing campaigns can be made when there is a greater appreciation of the details in question.

One sceptical commentator has advanced the theory that future changes, which journalists are discussing, are not likely to be very significant. They believe there will be more continuity than change. Their argument is that the article in The Wall Street Journal is basically a form of Public Relations intended to show that Google is back on track after the debacle of ‘Search, plus Your World’.

While Google executives will want to forget what happened around the start of 2012, this type of cynicism is premature. The degree to which Google is prepared to shift things has been illustrated by the successive Panda updates.

When reflecting on link acquisition, it makes sense to think of how a change in what Google does can have an effect. Firstly, a Google algorithm alteration can mean that a new tactic is needed. Secondly, it can mean that an existing technique has to be refined. Thirdly, it can have an impact on the market share of the different search engines. This last effect could lead to tactical changes being advised.

It would appear that new moves by Google could demand some kind of technical response. It is probably unlikely that any changes made will make Google drastically more or less popular. The pursuit of high quality links will remain a big priority, albeit in a different context.

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