Unique Musicals

For those who tend to avoid musicals due to their gimmicky nature, saccharine soaked plot lines and implausibility, there is now a good reason to reassess your outlook. Yes, for every historical epic such as Les Miserables there is an almost cynical cash-in such as Mamma Mia (although these shows themselves can actually be surprisingly fun when given the chance as their enduring popularity shows), but with the recent surge in theatre tickets London being sold, new voices are being given the chance to make their mark.

Whilst shows such as Rent and Avenue Q have offered a new take on the musical and challenged the conventions of the genre, there are also now musicals which are simply more interesting without taking a more adult-approach.

One such show that has recently started playing in London is Matilda. With music and lyrics having been written by irreverent genius Tim Minchin, the show has been bowling over audiences for the past few months by managing to feel totally fresh in a genre that seemed to have had every angle explored.

There are plenty of very interesting musicals being released in London all the time with discount theatre tickets being available for almost all. Whilst you may only here about the biggest overblown productions, there will be unique musicals to suit every taste and with theatre tickets London coming down in price thanks to many internet sites, there has never been a better time to give musicals a try.

For those who wish to hear about the less well-known musicals playing in the West-End and even those on the fringe, there are many sites with discount theatre tickets available that may be the best place to start, offering you a good overview of all the affordable musicals to help you test the water and see just how interesting musicals have now become.

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