Getting it Right with Cheap House Insurance – Balancing the Costs

Looking for cheap house insurance can help you to cut your costs and save money on your household expenses. However you should not just choose the cheapest policy you can find. You do need to balance the cost of the insurance against your own individual needs.

Identifying Risk

One of the most important things you need to do when looking at cheap house insurance is to identify the risks to your property. This will help you to understand what type of cover you may need.

· For example flood cover is not standard on most policies these days. This will typically be an additional extra that would cost you more on your premiums.

· However if you do live in an area at risk from flooding you cannot really afford not to have this cover.

· Without it you would have to cover all the expenses of repairing flood damage out of your own pocket if the worst was to happen.

· As the average flood damage costs in the UK can be up to around £30,000 this will most likely be an expense you could not afford to cover by yourself and so the right house insurance could be critical.

Reducing Costs

In insurance terms coverage equals cost. This means that in most cases the more coverage you have the more premiums you pay. However there are many ways you can reduce cost with your insurance without reducing the cover.

· Don’t over-insure your property. Work out exactly how much it would cost for a complete rebuild and insure your home for this rather than the market value (which is typically much higher than a rebuild and costs you more in premiums).

· Eliminate unnecessary cover. Look through the cheap house insurance policy carefully and see if there is any coverage you don’t actually need.

· You may be able to eliminate this from your policy and reduce the premiums even more.

· Compare quotes. Don’t just pick the first cheap house insurance quote you get. Shop around instead and compare several different quotes.

· Look at the coverage and costs and see which cheap house insurance quote can really offer you the most for your money.


If you are looking for cheap house insurance then you need to do your homework. You need to compare costs and cover and find the right balance between the two to provide effective policies for your home.