Workplace Health and Safety

Billions were paid out last year in compensation for injuries resulting in workplaces in South Africa. As such, the Occupational Health and Safety Act is to be reviewed to ensure that workers are looked after more effectively by those in charge.

However, whilst it may seem that the most effective approach will be to wait until the Act is reviewed and to change processes to ensure that your business falls in line with them, in reality, there are many reasons to get an early start in reviewing your own safety procedures.

The huge amount paid out in compensation last year goes some way to show just how ineffectual the majority of occupational health and safety procedures are in South Africa. Accidents do not just cost businesses a great deal of money in compensation though. By having staff unable to work, businesses see productivity drop and also have to waste money in training up short or long term replacements.

Such accidents or incidents are also bad for morale. As such, the rest of the workforce may also be affected should a single member of staff have to be off due to injury or disease.

Health and safety South Africa is changing rapidly and it is important for businesses to be ahead of the curve, not behind it, if they want to reduce their overheads and effectively compete in any market. The economic downturn saw profits drop and focus on health and safety South Africa drop as a result meaning that, at present, focus on health and safety is at its lowest for many years. Simply taking time to review your processes and sending staff on the relevant courses, may not only help you to save money and protect your staff, but also be far more ready to deal with the changes in the law when they are introduced next year.

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