Sports First Aid

Should you be running any type of sports team, then it is likely to be wise that you (or someone else involved in the day to day running) is trained in first aid for sports. Whilst treating common injuries may seem simple, ensuring that it is done in the right way can actually be more complicated than it seems.

Whilst the use of a disposable ice pack can help a huge number of different sports-related ailments, there are going to be many other issues that need far more knowledge about treatment and such knowledge could not just make a difference to an individual, but also to the whole team since having certain players out of action for long periods of time can seriously alter the chances of a successful season.

Having a well stocked first aid kit with eab tape, ice packs, bandages and the like is integral for any team, but will not count for anything if there is no one present who knows exactly how to use the items inside. Sending someone on a dedicated course is likely to cost a minimal amount of money, but could be extremely valuable in the long run. It is also wise to remember that anyone from the players themselves to coaches or referees can take such courses and that the more people who have knowledge of first aid, the better prepared you will be.

Whilst the most common injuries will revolve around mild head injuries, sprains and muscle pulls, there will be everything from choking and bleeding to unconscious members of a team to deal with and, in more serious events, panic could well lead people to dealing with a problem in completely the wrong manner.

So be sure that at least one person present at every game knows exactly what to do, no matter how serious a problem is.

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