Be very careful with Online Advice

The Word Wide Web is a wonderful source of information, including news, sports reports, gossip and entertainment features, but the accuracy and safety of the information it provides cannot be guaranteed. Particularly, the ability to search online for information about health conditions and symptoms can have a negative and stressful effect on people who receive incorrect medical advice which could potentially put their health in serious danger.

In the pre-internet era, there was no such vast amount of information freely accessible as it is now with so little editorial control. Now, in this digitised information age, some people routinely ‘research’ their own medical care through use of search engines. But this can cause panic and lead them to self-diagnose problems which are not actually appropriate for their condition. Much of the information is neither reliable nor safe and is given by people without the relevant professional qualifications.

Some information online can be trusted, of course, especially from well-recognised professional health sites which provide organised information. The extension element of website addresses is a good indicator to look for, with government sites (.gov) and national organisations (.org) giving the most professional medical advice.

However, websites should not be used as a substitute for the close, personal and professional healthcare offered by a reputable private clinic. It really is in a person’s best interests to physically go in and see a private doctor face-to-face. Our staff will follow professionally the correct medical procedures and they won’t leave you worrying about an illness you haven’t got.

Manchester’s city centre has an accessible private clinic with walk-in medical facilities which offer primary care from highly-skilled medical consultants. Pall Mall Medical offers same-day appointments or pre-bookable appointments, available for anyone who wishes to see a GP privately. We also offer private Consultant appointments and expert occupational health services.

It is always best to see a private doctor – rather than to take the advice of someone who may not be a creditable expert online.

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