Three Different Types Of Water Purifiers That Will Make You’re Drinking Up Of Water Safe

Water purification is a very much an important part of our life. People should purify the water before drinking it just to make the water free from impurities and harmful bacteria. Drinking up or pure, safe, clean and healthy water is very much useful for maintaining yourself fit and fine. Some of the water purifiers that should be used by people for water purification are mentioned below:

Gravity-based water purifier: Gravity-based water purifiers are the purifiers that use the simplest technology to purify the water. These types of purifiers pass the water from higher chamber to lower which enables the chambers in clearing up all the impurities and bacteria from the water making it clean and safe for drinking.


  • This type of water purifier does not require any kind of electricity. These water purifiers work with the help of gravity so electricity is not required.
  • This water purifier costs very much less.
  • These types of water purifiers have high storage capacity.
  • These water purifiers are very much low in cost so their maintenance can be easily done.
  • These types of water purifiers are portable which can be carried out people on a trip or picnic also.


  • This water purifier has very much less TDS controller.
  • This type of water purifiers does not kill all the bacteria present in the water.
  • They cannot filter heavy metals and micro-organisms and thus, leave 50% of the water harmful.

RO water purifier: This is a type of water purifier in which water is passed through a semi-permeable membrane which helps in killing the bacteria and harmful micro-organisms and helps in making the water pure, safe and clean for drinking.


  • Water with high TDS value because this type of water purifiers has; high TDS controller.
  • It helps in purifying any kind of water source.
  • This type of water purifiers are easy to use and also are low in price.
  • These kinds of water purifiers have a higher storage capacity.


  • This type of water purifiers requires electricity to clean up the water.
  • The maintenance of these types of purifiers can be costly.
  • RO purifier cannot kill some bacteria and micro-organisms which are very much micro in size.
  • These types of purifiers waste a lot of water during the process of purification.

UF water purifier: This is a water purifier which passes Ultraviolet radiations to make the water clean and safe for drinking.

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