Kids adore a bean bag chair

So the living room is all arrange nicely. Those new sofas look perfect, but where are the kids going to sit and what about when their little friends come round? What then? Suddenly it looks like there aren’t enough soft furnishings after all. Time to get creative.

Not to worry. The fun and easy solution is the humble bean bag. These great little space savers provide extra seating for little ones whenever the need arises. When they aren’t in use they are easy to tuck away somewhere and when there’s nowhere to sit they offer the perfect way to sit the kids in front of the TV for some time together.

A bean bag can be loads of fun. That’s because they can be themed with favourite characters or come in novelty shapes. Normal chairs aren’t this much fun or anywhere near as as exciting. Who wants to sit on the sofa anyway?

The bean bag chair takes the concept one step further. It’s a great halfway house between a formal grown up chair and something more kid friendly. A bean bag chair is really comfortable and a great way to provide some additional seating, but without cluttering up the room.

Cozibag have an incredible range to choose from. It’s amazing to think that there are this many takes on the original concept. There are so many different types of bags and chairs, shoppers are completely spoilt for choice. No matter what kind of pattern or design people are looking they can find the perfect bag or chair for the home.

Kids will adore them. Who wants to sit up high with the grown ups anyway? Bean bags are much more fun. It’s the perfect way to settle down with the rest of the family or friends. Shop online and have these great little space savers delivered direct to the door.

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