Take the strain out of managing large applications

If you have a senior role in a large-scale business or enterprise then it is likely you will have experienced the benefits of enterprise applications. These applications, which are on a different scale from standard office software, tend to perform a range of functions aimed at clarifying, standardising, and simplifying complex business processes, for example, warehouse management, fleet management, accounting and payroll, and procurement.

Successful enterprise software will give staff the ability to keep tabs on all sorts of data as it makes its way through company systems. Moreover, reporting features allow senior managers to know exactly where the company is on a particular project, or how well the business is doing on, say, a promotion, advertising campaign, or new product launch.

Whilst well-chosen, and well-managed enterprise software can bring untold benefits to an enterprise, it can also lead to all sorts of problems if it goes wrong. Staff will come to rely on these powerful applications, and when a feature falls over, or suffers from poor performance, then there will be a knock-on effect on your overall business.

Effective enterprise application support is therefore essential for the smooth running of large organisations. Whilst some businesses prefer to keep their application support in-house, a number increasingly seeing the benefits of outsourcing to a company such as ourselves, here at Quantix.

We are one of the UK’s leading experts in outsourced application support. The benefits of our service include significant savings for our clients (typically 60 per cent more cost-effective than in-house teams); reliable 24/7 support without any inherent risks around staff sickness/absenteeism or turnover; a typically broader spread of specialist knowledge from our highly qualified 25-person team.

Furthermore, our resilient, reliable hardware infrastructure is well equipped to handle any applications you choose to have supported by us.

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