High quality Suzuki car parts at the most competitive of prices.

In 2002 the EEC revised its regulations allowing customers the choice of where to have their vehicles serviced, this opened the market considerably offering customers greater choice as to where their vehicle could be maintained and in turn making pricing more competitive for the customer. As long as manufacturers’ original parts are used all warranties will legally be upheld.

Japarts Ltd are a professional car parts store based in NW9, London and servicing clients all over the UK and further afield. We are a dedicated store specialising in all your Japanese and Korean vehicle car parts and are considered to have the most comprehensive stock in the country. Whether it is Suzuki car parts, Subaru car parts, Kia, Diahatsu or Honda the list goes on and on Japarts Ltd is the place for you.

Our friendly, professional staff have an amazing product knowledge when it comes to Suzuki and Subarau car parts and will provide you with totally independent advice and guidance, contact the experts and peruse our e-catalogue at www.japarts.co.uk for everything from air filters to spark plugs, or if it is something specific contact us call us on 0845 066 4422 we also deal in Suzuki and Subaru car parts for imported vehicles.

We are determined that every customer will return time and time again, we really are passionate about our service and are very price conscious and are determined to offer our customers the best service and price possible but be assured we will never ever scrimping on quality. So whether it is Suzuki car parts, Subaru car parts, old or new models listen to our countless satisfied customers, contact us today we are confident you will not be disappointed and will join our many customers who return time and time again!



Suzuki car parts can be needed and at japarts.co.uk we can provide a wide range of high quality car parts, including Subaru parts for your needs. Visit us today for more information!