Provide a Qualified Level of Safety Supervision

Establishing and maintaining a safe working environment is of paramount importance to the overall functionality of a company. Whether it is within an office environment, retail store or industrial site, adequate handling of stock products and business files ensures all employees and customers can safely navigate their way around. A neat and tidy appearance throughout also reflects well on a company as it gains a reputation for providing its staff members and targeted consumer groups with the peace of mind to safely navigate around a premises or industrial site.

As with all forms of business, employees require a central figure who establishes leadership and the responsibility for the actions of those under their wing. Although a company manager is at the tip of the hierarchy as the prime controlling influence, each department also demand their own leader in order to adequately operate and remain pro-active.

In a similar vein to a company manager, site supervisors have a significant role to play within the organisation and supervising of all business operations. As safety is of paramount importance within the workplace, employees require a strong-minded supervisor who has all the skills, knowledge and experience to effectively manage all health and safety aspects.

SSSTS training courses are provided by highly qualified and knowledgeable health and safety consultants who can provide supervisors with a thorough understanding of the true importance of their role. As health and safety regulations are a legal requirement for all companies, a supervisor’s job is to essential promote health and safety within the workplace. Additionally, their role includes subsequent monitoring of all business operations to ensure employees have taken health and safety policies on board and are effectively putting them into practice.

From occupational health and fire prevention to COSSH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) and performance measurement, a supervisors safety training scheme provides individuals who are employed as supervisors with the essential skills and knowledge required to supervise any work-based environment in complete safety.

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