Shopping For A New Dog Collar

To identify your dog if it goes missing, a lot of people tend to use a dog collar. While a dog collar is a very old method of identification, it is in a lot of ways the easiest to maintain and easiest t read. A common modern alternative to the dog collar is having your pet chipped. The microchip in the pet can be read when the animal is handed in to a vet or an animal charity for homeless animals, which works fine if the animal cannot be kept, but if you find what you think is a stray animal without a dog collar and are unaware that it is chipped and belongs to someone else, what is stopping you from taking it in? While taking it in is preferable to leaving it to endure the elements by itself, if the animal had a dog collar you could take it in temporarily before delivering it back to the owner, if the owner happens to have their address on the dog collar. You could have a lot of information on the dog collar, such as allergies, name, sex, age, and address of the animal, and if you’re concerned about your animal getting lost, this is essential.

Buying a dog collar is relatively easy; you can get them from basically any pet shop you can find. While they’re good at identification, most people are starting to realise hooking a walking lead onto a dog collar can accidentally lead to incidents of strangulation in the animal. When it goes ahead of you with little slack on the lead the dog can strangle itself, and while sometimes harmless there is potential for injury to the animal. An alternative to hooking the lead onto the dog collar is being able to slip your animal into a vest of sorts which then attaches to the lead from the back. This alternative to the dog collar and lead combination is a lot easier on the animal as it doesn’t hurt itself if it pulls out a bit too far or if you have to yank it back for some reason.



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