What Impact Does Purple Have On Your Mood And Behaviour?

Every colour in the spectrum has its own meaning, generating particular emotions, with the ability to affect our moods. But purple is the colour that tends to provoke the strongest reactions of all.

A rare and regal colour

As a colour that rarely occurs in nature, purple is a relatively recent discovery, although the exact story of its origins tends to vary. What is certain though, is that the earliest purple dye was created from the mucus of the murex sea snail, which was found in the coastal waters around Tyre in Lebanon, although it was better known as Phoenicia back in the 15th Century.

According to an article in the Guardian, Hercules first discovered the properties of this apparently unassuming sea snail, when his dog picked one up from the beach and began drooling a purple liquid from its mouth. But whatever the truth of its discovery, what can’t be denied is that the huge numbers of sea snails required to create this dramatic colour made the dye fiercely expensive.

Named Tyrian Purple, after the city of Tyre that produced the dye, purple quickly became the favoured colour of kings, queens and emperors. Even to this day, purple is considered to be a regal colour, and was even designated as the colour of choice for printing the coronation invitations for Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

Although a synthetic version of the dye was created by a chemist in the mid-nineteenth century, purple has still kept its association with nobility. We do also tend to associate it with spirituality and the supernatural, and it brings an aura of mystery in its wake.

Grab attention with a purple dress

Because it’s such a strong and bold colour, purple is not ideal for shrinking violets! But if you really want to create an entrance at a party, then a purple maxi dress is the perfect choice, as it will ensure that all eyes are on you as you enter the room. If you’re looking for a purple maxi dress visit AX Paris, which has a great selection to choose from.

Do be careful to keep accessories to a minimum, as purple needs plenty of room to shine. And brace yourself for the attention that is guaranteed to come your way!

2 thoughts on “What Impact Does Purple Have On Your Mood And Behaviour?”

  1. The color purple has long been thought to symbolize royalty, nobility, luxury, and sophistication. Color psychology tells us that purple is associated with calmness, creativity, and dignity. Purple encourages orderliness in life style and planning for the future. It’s also often used in interior design to create a sense of richness. Studies show that when people are in an environment where they perceive that they are being treated unfairly or with disrespect it can cause feelings of anger or even rage.

  2. Many people believe that purple is a color of royalty and nobility. This may be the reason why many corporations, universities, and countries use purple in their logos or to represent their brand. Purple has also been closely associated with creativity, intelligence, and spirituality.

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