Hot yoga classes spark controversy

There are a number of different types of environment in which people practice yoga in. After slipping into their yoga or loungewear, they can get stuck into the exercises at home, in a gym, in the outdoors and so on.

One trend that has emerged in America that is now causing controversy involves people attending heated rooms within gyms.

According to a report in the New York Times, Bikram yoga that is staged in specially warmed spaces reaching temperatures of 105 degrees Fahrenheit has proved popular. However, gyms and studios across the US capital and Los Angeles are now offering a range of exercises in even higher temperatures.

Speaking to the publication, Douglas Casa, kinesiology professor at the University of Connecticut, said: “Above [100 degrees], you’re just jeopardising safety.” He added: “A lot of people can’t do as much in the heat so it could just be a wash. You might as well work harder where it’s cooler.”

However, one of those who loves getting stuck into workouts at higher than normal temperatures is 42-year-old television producer Alexandra Cohan. She said: “A good day is when I have to literally wring my clothes out. I tell you, your body adjusts.” The enthusiast added: “I probably need to make it harder at this point.”

Of course, people do not have to drench their yoga wear in sweat to enjoy the benefits of the discipline. There are many different forms of exercises for consumers to choose from and they should not struggle to find versions that suit them perfectly.

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