Why You Need Electrical Inspection

There is one very simple reason why almost every business will need electrical inspection – to ensure that they comply with health and safety regulations. However, things get somewhat confusing for many businesses when it comes to the legalities surrounding electrical testing, most notably because the law in this area can be very vague.

The biggest problem is that there is no time frame stated in the regulations as to how often businesses need to have their electrical equipment and wiring tested. In turn, many businesses feel that it clearly is not of great importance and so choose to ignore such a need until something actually goes wrong.

However, what the law does say is that it is a business’s responsibility to ensure that all electrical equipment is completely safe at all times. Therefore, without testing, how are you going to be sure that your electrical equipment is indeed safe?

The reasons for needing electrical inspection are numerous, not only to ensure that your staff are not liable to be hurt by faulty wiring or products, but also to ensure that expensive electrical equipment itself isn’t liable to blow, costing your business a huge amount of money and potentially seeing you lose very important information.

The recommendation is that electrical testing should be carried out ‘regularly.’ However, this could be construed as meaning monthly or indeed once a decade depending on your outlook. However, a good rule of thumb is that such testing should be carried out yearly or in line with HSE recommendations. In turn, make sure your staff are aware that they should report any issues they see as soon as they see them.

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