Improving Security for Your Stock

Keeping expensive items of stock secure will involve more than simply making sure you lock up your premises at night. In times of economic adversity, opportunistic thefts are likely to rise and therefore any premises that is known to store expensive items – or even simply numerous small items that could add up to a great deal of value – are going to be at far more risk from break-ins and in turn loss of stock.

Whilst you may well have all such goods insured, the hassle of making claims and replacing stock can be huge and not only leave you in serious trouble whilst you undergo such a process, but also potentially leave you unable to fulfil orders and in turn see you letting customers down. At the same time, this could lead to a lack of trust in your business and the goods you offer.

One of the best ways to improve the security for your stock is to simply not store any stock. Fulfilment companies are not only useful to help you send out goods and cut your overheads, but by using fulfilment companies to store your goods for you, you get to save money on storage and security, and get to benefit from the excellent security those companies will have.

After all, since these companies will be storing many times more goods than you yourself would ever store, the cost of higher security per item stored is suddenly likely to be infinitesimal and, as such, the best companies offering fulfilment will also have the very best security, from CCTV and access control through to physical personnel patrolling the site.

The right companies offering fulfilment will have 24 hour surveillance or at least a 24 hour presence meaning that, not only will thieves simply choose not to target such a place, but that, even if they do, there will be someone there to stop them.

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