Don’t Fear Seeking Compensation for Your Accident at Work

Experiencing an injury at work can be distressing for many reasons. Most people go to work under the impression that they will be safe and protected from potential hazards, so to suddenly find that you have been let down in this area is more than disappointing. If you’re injuries are serious or particularly painful, then you’ll certainly be feeling more than a little disappointed!

An accident at work does not always mean that your employer has been consciously negligent. After all, accidents do happen even with the best of intentions. Nevertheless, it is still your employer’s responsibility to ensure that all employees and visitors to the premises are kept safe, and so if this hasn’t been the case, you and any other injured parties are entitled to pursue compensation claims.

You may feel uneasy about doing this, especially if you have enjoyed a positive working relationship with your employer until this point. You may find it hard to imagine returning to work, having dragged your employer through court and mercilessly pursued him or her for everything they’ve got. If this were actually the case, then that would be a fair sentiment to have. However, an accident at work compensation claim does not work in that way at all, but is instead a simple and civil process.

For starters, it is highly unlikely that your employer is him or herself personally responsible for your accident, and so the claim that you make is not against the individual but against the company for having permitted (or failed to avoid) the circumstances which led to your accident. Secondly, your employer will be covered by insurance to protect themselves against any such event, meaning that your claim is really against their insurance company, and that is also where your compensation award will come from.

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