Don’t buy blind – use a car price guide

Buying a car isn’t an everyday event. It’s not like people keep up to date with car value and know a good deal from a bad deal, but that’s not to say buyers should just stroll up to a dealership and pay the sticker price. Buying a car should involve preparation and research. Armed with all of the facts and a car price guide any buyer can make a better choice and negotiate harder.

In too many transactions dealers have the upper hand. They talk to buyers on the forecourt who haven’t done their homework. Without key information to hand these buyers aren’t going to bag themselves a great deal.

There are many different factors that affect car value. The condition and mileage of models can vary enormously. A higher mileage vehicle will obviously have significantly more wear and tear and buyers need to check for cosmetic damage too. Some vehicles have been much better cared for than others which have become a little frayed around the edges.

Prospective buyers should check any car’s service history thoroughly too. A car with regular stamps comes with evidence that it has been well looked after and maintained. If there’s gaps in this history then people should proceed with caution and look to secure a better price.

Ultimately a car price guide will provide buyers with guideline values that they can use to avoid paying over the odds. A good guide will make allowances for all of these various factors. Buyers can save money by avoiding dealers and buying privately, however there’s a certain amount of security in buying from a dealership. Any used car bought through this channel will have been given an MOT and will probably come with some sort of warranty.

Don’t go in blind. Get the facts and then negotiate accordingly. One of these price guides is a valuable tool.

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