How Important is Brand?

Before discussing whether or not brand is important, it is best to discuss what ‘brand’ actually constitutes. To some people it is simply about a name that people can remember, for others it is about creating a mascot that customers can relate to or that will capture imaginations, and for others it is simply about consistency in areas as simple as company colours and the like. However, in reality, brand is all of the above and more, and the end result is far more than simply the sum of its parts.

Ultimately, brand is what differentiates one company from the next. This means that, in anthropomorphic terms, it is the name, the personality and the look of the company. If you think of a company as a living, breathing organism, the brand of a company is as rich and diverse as any individual human, and the ones that have the best looks, the most interesting character and a name that can be remembered are always the people that stand out.

This means that brand and in turn everything from retail design to the actual names of individual products need to be as unique and as interesting as possible. Brand is what makes a company stand out and just as a plain looking, unassuming, very ordinary person will not stand out in a crowd, a brand and retail design that has little thought paid to it will also fail to stand out.

This means that every area of any shop or product will need very focussed attention paid to it. From the initial retail design of a store to point of purchase displays, the more interesting and unique you are and the more you can connect with a customer, the more they will remember you. As with humans, if you want people to remember your face and remember your name, you need to stand out and that is why branding is the most important thing for any company to work on.

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