Photography enthusiast captures extraordinary snaps of flying squirrel

Photography has certainly come a long way over the years. Currently, many people are making use of digital single-lens reflex cameras (DSLRs), which combine the parts of a single-lens reflex camera and a digital camera back. To help them get the most from these items, some of these individuals opt to take special photography lessons in London, such as those that include a London photography tour.

One man who may well have had training in the art of photo taking is Kim Taylor. Recently, the expert used a 150mm camera lens and a special 3,500 volt high-speed flash triggered by an infra red beam to capture impressive images of a flying squirrel, the Daily Mail reports.

The publication remarked: “As these amazing pictures show, the southern flying squirrel becomes more bird than mammal as it stretches out its body into a natural glider.”

He managed to take the pictures, which show the small and unusual creature at various stages of flight between trees, despite the fact the species is nocturnal.

Commenting on the mammals, he said: “These animals are strictly nocturnal and live in tree holes, such as disused woodpecker holes. They feed mainly on nuts and acorns and glide from tree to tree on stretched skin flaps, each time losing height while gliding and gaining height by climbing the next tree.”

The 79-year-old employed some impressive tactics in order to ensure he succeeded in getting the perfect pictures. He placed an infra red beam across the likely flight path of the squirrel so that when the beam was crossed, the creature effectively took its own photo.

It took several weeks of work before he had all the shots he wanted.

Seeing images like this ones taken by Mr Taylor can inspire people to take their own photography to a new level. To do this, consumers can book photography lessons in London and some opt for those that include a London photography tour.

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