Application managed services – a different way of looking at your IT provision

For many large companies and SMEs, it is traditional to have all, if not the majority of their IT services provisioned in-house. On the surface, this makes perfect sense. After all, the thought of having knowledgeable people close to hand, perhaps only a walk down the corridor away, can certainly be reassuring in a hectic and pressurised environment. There is also the perceived advantage of familiarity. Doing things in the ways they have always been done means that the organisation is absolved from having to make drastic change, which for some can be a great relief.

However, sometimes it is well worth taking a second look at the traditional ways of doing things, especially where application support is concerned. Large organisations rely immensely on software applications which often perform multiple key tasks. Processes and systems such as managing and tracking financials, organising production and distribution and emailing, all rely on applications of one kind or another. These applications frequently are database driven and the databases themselves need support. To take on all these applications as in-house assets can get expensive and labour-intensive.

Here at Interoute Application Management, we offer an alternative solution, one that is ultimately more cost effective and simpler to manage. We specialise in application managed services. In a managed services arrangement, we will port a company’s key applications to our data centre and take on all aspects of support and maintenance. Your company’s staff will still be able to use the applications concerned very much as they did previously – accessing them through robust, high-speed Internet connectivity.

There are significant benefits in such application support services, primarily in the savings made on total cost of ownership. Yet beyond this, with a simplified IT infrastructure, your IT managers will be able to spend time concentrating on core IT strategy, planning effectively for the future.

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