Avoiding the hard sell

In the business to business world there is a constant stream of companies trying to sell to you and likewise you will be driven to sell to others. B2B lead generation is a popular way of pushing sales and there are still a high percentage of businesses that live by the mantra ‘numbers make sales’.

However, this form of sales strategy has developed a bad image in recent years. Many businesses shy away from calling their sales team ‘sales people’, opting to use less offensive job titles such as account executive, business development manager or relationship manager. There has been so much damage inflicted by the push for high volume sales that a person can be instantly alienated by seeing the word ‘sales’ in a person’s job title. However, simply disguising job role names will not help your situation if your sales team is operating with a high volume sales approach.

In the business to business world people are not happy to be sold to. They are looking for people they can talk to in an honest and frank way about their difficulties. They are interested in businesses that will listen to their concerns and challenges and will only respond positively to those that offer well thought out proposals without any high pressure sales tactics involved.

Old fashioned sales techniques push for the quick conclusion of a sales deal, often using sheer persistence to gain commitment. However, old school sales tactics such as the assumptive close could actually lose you the deal in this business environment.

Using B2B telemarketing, astute businesses use this mechanism to build relationships and present their business as an authority resource, a trusted advisor and confidante. It is only through this method that a B2B customer will build trust in your capabilities to provide workable solutions for their business.

B2B lead generation needs to focus on presenting your company as a credible solution provider instead of one looking for a quick sale. Here at IZEN Marketing, we provide integrated sales and marketing solutions.

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