Kate is dubbed queen of fashion

It is just over a year since Kate Middleton tied the knot with Prince William, assuming the title of the Duchess of Cambridge. Since this time, she has rarely been out of the media spotlight and she is renowned for her stylish fashion choices.

Many ladies have turned to the young royal for inspiration and it is now easy for consumers to source women’s fashion clothing that resembles Kate’s own choices. Meanwhile, by making the most of stunning and yet cheap women’s clothing, people can rest assured they will not exceed their budgets.

According to an article in the Western Daily Press, the Duchess has become a “queen of both hearts and fashion”.

It noted that she is a fashion icon “whose outfits provide inspiration for thousands of high street shoppers”.

The news source went on to state: “From the moment she stepped out in her dazzling designer wedding dress a year ago, the Duchess of Cambridge has taken fashion by storm.

“Every outfit Kate has worn has caused a fashion frenzy as women flock to copy her style. The phenomenon – dubbed the Kate Effect – has seen numerous designer outfits sell out within minutes of the duchess being spotted wearing them.”

It added that her influence over the world of clothing has been so “potent” that it is estimated she has generated around L2 billion for the British economy in garment sales.

Meanwhile, the publication also claimed that while it is expected that Kate will get pregnant in the not too distant future, the world of fashion is “far too busy” with her for now for her to concern herself with motherhood.

It seems as though many consumers who are seeking cheap women’s clothing over the web will carry on drawing inspiration from Kate for a long time to come.

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