Emergency Lighting And Common Sense

Emergency lighting is one of those fire safety products that is there for those worst case scenarios. Ultimately, it cannot be predicted when they will be used but having safety lighting to rely on could prove vital and could save lives. For instance, a portable LED light may be used to navigate a building that is experiencing a power outage. These lights typically operate because the lighting has dropped below an acceptable level, but in an emergency they can prove to be an excellent companion. Other piece of fire safety equipment include fire exit signs that are designed to always be visible, regardless of whether the power to the building is on or not. These perform a vital function and can quickly allow personnel to file towards the exits rather than further into a dangerous building.

Before any of these options can be considered, however, a dedicated planning stage must first occur where different types of lighting are identified as being the best solution for certain areas. The Health and Safety Regulations Act 1996 dictates that final exits must be clearly signed and must also meet BS 5266-1, BS EN 60598-2-22 requirements. If a facility has nighttime personnel in particular, then it is important to understand what the situation would be if the lighting did fail. This will help determine exactly where these fire safety products will be best deployed, as well as the identification of any obstructions to the exit path.

During the construction of an exit plan it is always important to understand that the information will eventually be passed onto any employees or residents. Making things simpler and easier to understand will therefore be an important factor, particularly since people can forget information like this easily. Fire safety equipment should always be kept from obstruction or damage during day-to-day operations, but should be visible enough so people always know where they are.

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