Finding The Right Fire Safety Equipment For Your Facility

Fire extinguishers are required by law for many establishments and commercial spaces as part of their fire safety remit, but in all likelihood it could be years before they are called upon, if ever. Fire extinguishers come in different sizes with different warranty lengths, which are both factors that can affect the price a great deal. If you are running a relatively small establishment like a small cafe, then it may only be necessary to buy a small extinguisher which is cheaper to replace after five years when it comes to the 5 yearly refill. In this case a five year warranty product makes most sense. If you require multiple and larger extinguishers it will be worthwhile to refill the extinguishers after 5 years, in which case products with ten year warranty make the best economic sense.

Before deciding on which type of fire extinguisher you should invest in, it is imperative that a fire risk assessment must be carried on your premises in order identify any potential threats, particularly if you have 5 or more employees. You must always bear in mind the requirements of not only your staff, but any other people like suppliers and customers who may also be on site.

The risk assessment will determine what extinguisher types your premises will require. If you have a lot of electrical equipment, then having a CO2 fire extinguisher is important. Alternatively, water extinguishers can be used for fires that start on wood, coal or paper whereas powder is a good all round option for a many different types of fires. If you have an office or domestic zone, then a foam fire extinguisher will be great. For a restaurant or a cafeteria where burning fat is a real possibility, Wet Chemical extinguishers are often the best for tackling these types of blazes. Similarly, Water Mist Extinguishers can put out cooking oil fires along with burning solids and liquids. The more you understand about your facility, the better you’ll be able to invest in fire safety equipment.

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