The advantages of an organic approach to website development

Since the early to mid-1990s the World Wide Web has evolved in to a dynamic vehicle of change for people around the world. With around a third of the world’s population now having some form of Internet access, it is hard to deny the pervasive influence of this remarkable technological medium.

In a typical Internet day millions of people make use of Facebook and Twitter to interact socially, millions of emails are buzzing around the planet, countless holidays are being booked online, students are engaged in distance learning, deskbound office workers are plugged in to Spotify through their headphones and yet more websites and blogs are springing up around the world, through the hard work of website design teams.

One aspect of all this exciting Internet activity has been the increasing professionalisation of the World Wide Web. Indeed the phrase “Internet industry” is now an accepted part of everyday parlance. The reality is that the Internet industry, as such, sub-divides in to groups of professions which all fall under the loose heading. These professions include: web design, information architecture, web development (the coding of websites), web marketing and SEO, website production and new media project management. Indeed, it is quite possible to take higher education courses in many, if not all, of these professions.

This development of respected professions is great news for those whose livelihood is new media. However, it doesn’t always work out so well for the clients for whom a website is being built. The problem is that factionalism and the so-called “silo” mentality can sometimes break out on a web development project. The web design team may believe that they have bragging rights over the developers or vice-versa and the project manager is busy trying to keep everyone on the same hymn sheet.

Here at Click Consult, a respected and successful UK-based website development company, we don’t believe that this heavily professionalised approach gets the best results for our clients. Rather, we advocate an integrated, or organic, approach to website development. We believe that web design should not be viewed separately from the underlying computer code authored by the software developers. Furthermore, we feel that the marketing experts, far from being tacked on to the end of a project (as can sometimes happen), should be involved from the outset in shaping the website so it is most fully optimised for search engines, as well as for a strong relationship with social networking sites.

For example, when a software developer has a clear idea from the outset of the web design team’s intentions, this may inform the developer’s choice of coding language: whether, for instance, to go down the ASP.Net or PHP routes. Moreover, the SEO experts on the web development project may well want a say in the website’s URL or domain name, as this can have a big influence on search engines further down the line.

All in all, an organic approach produces a tighter, more integrated website that the client can enjoy for years to come.

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