Internet marketing throws up the odd surprise

A crucial part of Internet marketing is keeping a close eye on change in the sector. If research is done with sufficient care then a consultancy can steal a march on less competent rivals. However, the complexity of the sector is such that even experts can be somewhat surprised by relevant news. The key to success in this kind of circumstance is to assess what the unexpected change is likely to mean for campaigns. Adaptation can then be put into practice in a prompt fashion.

At Click Consult, we are experts at Internet marketing. We are never fazed by the fluidity of the sphere of search. Our multifaceted and site-specific campaigns are flexible enough to allow them to be adjusted in line with fresh sets of circumstances.

When Facebook purchased the photo sharing app Instagram, the move was a bit surprising for two reasons. Firstly, the announcement was made during the quiet spell before Facebook’s flotation. Secondly, Facebook declared that it was willing to spend a billion dollars for the app. Some commentators felt this was somewhat on the high side, given that Instagram had approximately 13 staff members.

However, the decision by Facebook was not an irrational one. It had sufficient funds to make the purchase of an app which had in excess of 30 million users. According to one commentator, the rapid growth of Instagram was making it into something a bit like a social network. As such, it constituted potential competition for Facebook. Furthermore, a rival organisation could have stepped in.

Even if Facebook used up more resources than it had to, the move cannot have hurt the social giant all that much. The worst case scenario is that it squandered some funds. Lack of funding is unlikely to constitute a problem for Facebook in the foreseeable future. The move could be interpreted as being a little hasty, but Facebook might have been conscious that other organisations were poised to strike.

Therefore, it does not seem to be the case that the Instagram episode has damaged Facebook’s position in any meaningful way. Indeed, the takeover may simply reflect the longstanding dominance Facebook continues to possess over its rivals. Consultancies have to think about using Twitter and Google+ in their social media campaigns, but any neglect of the exceptionally popular Facebook would be a big error.

A social media campaign always has to be combined with search engine optimisation if it is to yield the most positive results. Therefore, it makes sense to try to evaluate whether the takeover by Facebook has any repercussions in relation to Google and so on. Google is the dominant search engine, but Google+ is obviously one of its services. If the purchase of Instagram makes Facebook stronger against Google+, Google may be thought to be obliged to try harder to push Google+ forwards.

Google’s hegemony as a search engine is actually such that the Instagram purchase should make little or no difference to it. Consultancies should not just optimise for Google, but Google is still significantly ahead of rival search engine Bing.

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