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Whether you own a vintage MG and have been left with no choice but to store the vehicle in an outdoor environment, or indeed if you are looking for a retailer that have a selection of the finest PVC or tarpaulin covers, the bespoke banners, and trailer covers then here at Corby Canvas we have a selection of products that are ideal for you.

With a successful trading history that spans more than two decades and a diverse range of products from trailer covers to printed banners, and even sandpit covers, each of which is manufactured from the highest grade materials, the reputation and success of Corby Canvas is apparent. Indeed, we take great pride in being a small company with a big reputation.

The trailer covers of Corby Canvas are an obvious example of the superiority of our product range. Come gale force winds, blanketing snow or burning sun these trailer covers will not let you down, protecting your trailer effectively. Indeed, the benefits of our trailer covers are as apparent as the trailer covers themselves are affordable. These trailer covers will eliminate UV damage, stop leaks, corrosion and mildew growth which will ensure the pristine condition of your trailer all year round.

However, as previously mentioned, we offer so much more than a selection of the finest trailer covers here at Corby Canvas. If you’re looking for a more visual and gaudy way to market your product or service then the bespoke banner designs that we can create for you are just what you need. As with the trailer covers, the quality of these bespoke banners is of the highest pedigree, and the offer you a sound return on your investment given their affordability and durability.

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