Ofsted Lesson observation criteria: Removing the Obstacles to Success and Effective Learning.

Classroom regulations, teaching standards and OFSTED lesson observation criteria have so many dimensions that they are as ‘clear as mud.’

Christopher Morley once said: “There are three ingredients in the good life: learning, earning and yearning’ which is transferable to the classroom and teachers desiring to be successful and produce highly effective learning pupils. The residing method of measuring effectiveness of teachers and effective learning potential is through external lesson observations, carried out within the classroom by fellow teachers, which is biased to say the least. Nevertheless, it remains the most popular method because there is no better alternative.

The main obstacle facing assessors is that of unclear marking criteria. Is effective learning apparent through grades? Is effective learning evident through pupil enthusiasm or is effective learning having the ability to engage pupils and deter them from poor behaviour? Thus, the birth of OFSTED lesson observation criteria.

In order to measure- and accredit – how successful schools are the UK, OFSTED were formed in 1992 and remain the only external inspecting body managing schools and effective learning nationwide. Given their expertise in the area, OFSTED encourage regular internal lesson observations and as such, formulated OFSTED lesson observation criteria. However, the OFSTED lesson observation criteria is FAR from straightforward; it is intricacy- dense and requires a certain level of judgement.

OFSTED lesson observation criteria training courses are proving to be the best course of action in order to produce well- informed assessors within schools and in turn, create effective learning environments and effective learning providers alike. And, because of the ever- evolving nature of classrooms and schools nationwide, OFSTED lesson observation criteria training is essential to remain to ensure currency and continuity.

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